Saturday, June 6, 2009

Create a blog

First step towards this extra income is making a blog (or a site). First of all, you should what you want to write about, the topic. You can search internet for relevent ideas, but as par my advive ,a person should start writing the stuff that intresets him/her and should have sufficient knowledge about it , so as you can continue writing about it ,which is a must for any successful site. Like i started blogging about indian cooking ,can check my blog Tasty recipes.

Just need these simple steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Click sign up and create your account
  3. Once registered click, create a blog.
  4. To create a blog, first give an appropriate title to the blog.
  5. Select a domain name, and check its availablity, needs some trial n hits..
  6. Register that domain.
  7. Enter the security word given on that screen
  8. Select the layout, can choose any for the beginning, as can be changed afterwards.
  9. Create your introductory post, click publish and finally view blog.

And you are done, your first post is published. Good thing about blogger is that its absolutely free. Else you can also try , another popular platform.

I will go on updating this post based on further queries.

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