Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blog And earn

I started this blog so as i can share my experiences on how to earn money via blogging. Its been more than a year that i started blogging. In this one year i tried with lots of advertisers who claim to pay and some who actually pay you. Also with the help of this blog i wanted to tell all my blogger friends that what all is needed to make your blog popular, attract traffic ,place ads and earn money.

So what you can get to know via this blog is..
  • How to make ur blog popular
  • How to place ads on the available space efficetively
  • How much and which advertiser really pay you
  • How to deal with internet money transcitions(paypal etc)
  • How to divert traffic to urs blog
  • What are other sources of having online income.

And lots more, just stay tuned...